Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s Pre-Super Cup Semi-final Statements: Focused on Winning

The Nerazzurri midfielder’s statements to Sport Mediaset on the eve of the Super Cup semi-final

At the end of the press conference on the eve of Inter-Lazio, semi-final of the Italian Super Cup, Henrikh Mkhitaryan spoke to the microphones of Sport Mediaset: “It’s nice to play these games. We have to do our best to win tomorrow and then think about the final where nothing is taken for granted. What changes is that when we faced Lazio in the championship they were in a difficult moment, but now they are more positive and psychologically lighter. We must not forget that we are fighting for our goals and for that we will do everything to win”.

What’s your secret?

“Maybe I feel tired but I don’t show it. The strength is my teammates who help me in what I’m doing. Then there’s also my merit in that I’m taking care of myself in a different way compared to when I was younger. I’m doing everything To play for more years, I have already extended my contract, trying to do better for my team to achieve our goals.”

Are you studying to be a striker in case of need?

“I don’t stop to study, I always study and try to learn from my attackers. Not only as a striker, but also as an attacking midfielder, midfielder and also defender because you can learn every day to improve.”

Allegri’s words?

“I don’t comment on these things, I’m focused on our path. What other coaches and players say doesn’t matter because I’m not reading these things. The most important thing is that we know where we need to go, which is as high as possible. Win, win and win because in the end the trophies you win count.”


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