Ghent Dealt Another Blow with KV Mechelen Loss

Cuypers and co. leave disappointed. Photo: Isosport

Oh, oh, Ghent. While the finances look rosy again, things are going completely wrong on the field. First Club Brugge, now also KV Mechelen (1-2): the worst-case scenario that January could become is already unfolding. Or how Watanabe’s absence is having a sour effect.

Eliminated in the cup with an emergency team and immediately lost in the first competition match after the New Year: January is already proving to be the nightmare that AA Gent feared. Losing at home to KV Mechelen (1-2), that was twelve years ago. But due to all the absentees, sold players and especially blunder at the back, the Buffalos are in danger of dropping in the rankings. For once, Hein Vanhaezebrouck would rather not have been proven right. Unfortunately, the three goals conceded in four days underline his claim that Watanabe held things together at the back.

It also forced Vanhaezebrouck into a different defensive position. Bram Lagae, who scored the goal against Club Brugge, moved to the bench. Vanhaezebrouck opted for a four-man defense, with Agbor and Kandouss as the central duo, and a strengthened midfield in which Gandelman was also given a place. Acquisition Yokota started immediately and demanded attention halfway through. First by making a good pass to Gerkens, who decided on Coucke. Kums aimed the rebound wide. Moments later the roles were reversed and Gerkens laid the ball ready for the Japanese. Sokota missed. Sad, because less than two minutes later KV Mechelen had scored. And just like against Club, the emergency solution at the back cost the Buffaloes a goal. Agbor headed straight into Lauberbach, who immediately swung and hit the post. Foulon was quicker on the ball than Samoise: 0-1. And while the Antwerp defender continued to play an alert match.

Joy at Foulon after the opening goal. Photo: BELGA

Although something went wrong at AA Gent – Brown losing balls, Cuypers constantly fighting with the ball – they should have equalized quickly. A wonderful heel from Kums sent Cuypers alone at Coucke, but he hesitated and decided rashly at Coucke. Malinwa’s goalkeeper also knocked a treacherous ball from Gandelman out of his cage. The visitors were in control of the game, but Vanhaezebrouck was fortunate that it was not 0-2 at half time. Brown was sleeping but Van Hecke aimed wide. And say that Malick Fofana scored for Lyon 900 kilometers away and Watanabe again did not play for Japan. Painful, painful, painful.

Equalizer De Sart

Immediately after the break, things didn’t really go well for Ghent. The equalizer came out of the blue on the hour mark, when De Sart scored the 1-1 in the far corner from outside the sixteen. While Foulon escaped a second yellow, thanks to a protesting Cobbaut as a diversionary maneuver, Vanhaezebrouck brought in Depoitre and De Vlieger at the front. Mechelen was at a loss – Foulon flirted with yellow again – but it took Brown finally whipping the ball in front of goal that Ghent’s hopes flared up. Cuypers forced Coucke into a nice save and shot at the goalie again a few seconds later.

De Sart brought Ghent alongside (for a while). Photo: BELGA

And now it was Kandouss’ turn to blunder. He completely missed an easily cleared ball, causing substitute Malede to run away and Antonio to make it 1-2. Ghent was in the ropes and could no longer stand up. Malinwa takes important points, Ghent has a week to further refine the core. It is needed. Get into the boat at home against Westerlo and the ship will really start taking on water…

Bill Antonio was crowned match winner at Malinwa. Photo: Isosport


AA Ghent: Schmidt; Agbor, Kandouss, De Sart; Samoise, Kums, Gerkens (64′ De Vlieger), Gandelman (64′ Depoitre), Brown; Yokota (78′ Fadiga), Cuypers

KV Mechelen: Coucke; Vanlerberghe, Bates, Cobbaut; Hairemans (89′ Asare), Van Hecke, Mukau, Foulon (75′ Antonio); Schoofs, Mrabti (75′ picking); Lauberbach (61′ Lauberbach)

Doelpunten: 26 Foulon 0-1, 60′ De Sart 1-1, 83′ Antonio 1-2

Yellow cards: Mrabti, Kandouss, Samoise, Foulon, Cobbaut, Van Hecke

Red cards: none

Referee: Jonathan Lardot

2024-01-19 21:49:00
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