French Archers Selected for 2024 Olympic Games

The French Archery Federation organized selections to determine the eight athletes (four women, four men) who will participate in the 2024 season. Rennais Nicolas Bernardi managed to pass this test like Thomas Chirault (Clermont-Ferrand), Jean-Charles Valladont (Nîmes) and Baptiste Addis (Nîmes).

For women, Lisa Barbelin (Riom), Caroline Lopez (Riom), Victoria Sebastian (Nîmes), Amélie Cordeau (Annemasse) are selected. Rennaise Anaëlle Coupard took sixth place in the selections.

It is at the end of June that only three women and three men will be definitively selected to participate in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The calendar

Internship in South Korea during the second half of February 2024

Grand Prix de l’Arc WIAWIS in Compiègne (FRA) on March 30 and 31, 2024

1st round of the World Cup in Shanghai (CHN) from April 23 to 28, 2024

European Championship in Essen (ALL) from May 6 to 12, 2024

2nd round of the World Cup in Yecheon (KOR) from May 21 to 26, 2024

3rd round of the World Cup in Antalya (TUR) from June 18 to 23, 2024

Olympic Games in Paris (FRA) from July 28 to August 4, 2024

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