Frascati Administration Continues Recovery Action Despite Controversy over Fines and Non-Compliance

Frascati Administration Continues Recovery Action Despite Controversy over Fines and Non-Compliance

Published: Saturday, 06 January 2024 – current affairs editorial team

FRASCATI (current events) – The recovery action of the collapse by the Sbardella Administration continues, the Fines Administration – ​​exclusive content

In the scrapping of the barrel with fines by the Frascati Administration, after that of the infamous traffic light on via Tuscolana which made TG1 declare that we are faced with a “many records” at a national level, a new front is now officially opening: that of fines for non-compliance or unfaithfulness Tari statement and what the violation of ZTL gates.

A front which we have already dealt with in recent weeks, giving space to some of the reports that have reached our editorial staff from citizens: below are some of the articles already published on the subject.

This morning another interesting report arrives on Facebook, which we take up again:

“Dear Befana, if I had really been bad you could have brought me the coal and not at 9.10 11 registered letters from the Municipality of Frascati for a total of 1800 euros in Tari fines for unfaithful declarations from 2017 to today. Declaration? And which? And luckily the F24 form is filled out by them. However the The postman’s bag was overflowingnow we’ll see some good ones.”

A citizen of Frascati wrote it on her Facebook profile a little while ago.

A front that therefore truly promises sparks: yet another, for a Sbardella Administration which – boasting within itself many exponents already in the majority for years – has identified in the fines rain down the road to remediating the collapse.

A rehabilitation regarding which NEVER until today nor the mayor Francesca Sbardella nor even thebudget councilor they intended to communicate the progress to citizens. Unless we have amnesia.

Super work therefore for the collectors (but in these years, in which the centre-leftwho had to take care of debt collection?) and above all for the postmen even on the day ofEpiphany. Who has the thankless task of delivering dozens of thousands of Tari registered letters. Like one Bad Befana.

And it seems that the delivery is happening quickly in these hours for avoid prescription.

But the main question (for which neither nor the citizens will have an answer) is the following: net of the legitimacy of the requests, why were citizens not notified in past years, thus avoiding the continuation of any irregularity?

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