Fourth Byzantine City of Ravenna Trophy Includes Competitive Race for Disabled Children

Today and tomorrow, at the ‘Gianni Gambi’ municipal swimming pool in Ravenna, the fourth Byzantine City of Ravenna trophy is scheduled, a national finswimming competition which awards the Gianni Gambi Prize, Ugo Tabanelli and Francone prizes. Also in the program of this edition, a competitive race reserved for disabled children has been included (today at 2 pm the men’s and women’s 50 metres).

The Judo Sports Therapy Center of Ravenna, in collaboration with the company organizing the event, namely Blu Atlantis, will participate with 8 disabled children, expected to have a great experience.

For Daniele Vicari, Raffa Altomare, Matteo Laghi, Flavia Bondi, Emanuele Penazzi, Davide Padovan, Sofia Caselli and Sara Lazzari – boys largely managed by the San Vitale cooperative – it will therefore be the summary of the training sessions carried out during the season.

The Ravenna Judo Sports Therapy centre, which has been working in the world of disabilities for years, has profitably included swimming for some time among the many activities undertaken (judo, physical activity, dance games, gymnastics and swimming). finned, with some kids trained by the federal coach Silvia Pagliai and by collaborators Ester Lazzari, Rosy Vardé, Giulia Marotti, Elena Zaccardo and Marcella Masetti.

2024-01-27 05:13:54
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