FC Bayern: Munich ultras with sharp criticism of Union Berlin’s club boss

FC Bayern Munich insults on banner

Bayern ultras denigrate Union Berlin’s club boss Zingler

Status: 24.01.2024 | Reading time: 3 minutes

By Paul Gorgas, Max Schrader

An FC Bayern ultra group is using a huge poster to sharply criticize Union Berlin President Dirk Zingler. The focus is on how he deals with the impending entry of an investor into the DFL. Stasi bonds are even used in the insult.

The Bayern Ultras insulted their boss Dirk Zingler with a poster in the game against Union Berlin. It said: “It’s better to be a winner than to express criticism of the Stasi pig who is courting investors…” Zingler was also shown with a pig’s nose in a Stasi uniform during Munich’s 1-0 victory.

Why the hatred against the Union boss? Zingler had defended the DFL’s planned investor entry in contrast to the fans of the Bundesliga clubs. In May, Zingler agreed to a first election. However, in the second vote he rejected the DFL model.

The Union boss explained: “We at Union are not fundamentally against investors in football for ideological reasons, because we have repeatedly invested with outside capital in all of its areas for 20 years. (…) 1. FC Union Berlin is a story of courageous investors over the last 20 years.”

“The term ‘shitty DFL’ is once again unclear”

That’s why the Bayern ultras from the group “Munich Red Pride” also showed Zingler with a sticker that read “Investor Kölmel”. The Michael Kölmel company had repeatedly supported Union financially. There was also an “Olympic Stadium” sticker. Zingler had Union’s Champions League home games organized in the Olympiastadion, the home of rivals Hertha, although it would have been possible in the “Alte Försterei”. However, only a few fans would have been able to watch here due to the large number of standing places, which are not permitted in international competitions such as the Champions League.

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Zingler further said to the DFL investors: “The term ‘shitty DFL’ is once again unclear. The DFL employees did not decide this, nor did the managing directors. If it says ‘Shit DFL’, that’s the wrong addressee. 24 clubs decided that.” But he also explained: “We don’t think the deal is good because we are making a decision over a period of 20 years that we cannot yet foresee today.” That’s why Zingler rejected the model. Nevertheless, the Bayern Ultras apparently took offense at his statements in favor of becoming an investor.

The insult of Union President Zingler

Source: pa/dpa/Sven Hoppe

And why the “Stasi” insult? Zingler once served three years during his military service with the “Feliks Dzierzynski” guard regiment, which operated in the GDR as the military arm of the Ministry for State Security. He denies any close connection to the Stasi.

“I fully understand that people who were persecuted by this state, by the Stasi, have a critical position. I have that too. They are those affected and they have a right to it,” he said.

What remains to be clarified is what the phrase “It’s better to be a winner than…” means. Says: The Union fans would have preferred to take advantage of the success of the last few years instead of criticizing Zingler.

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