Expanding Sports Facilities in Yangyang-Gun, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province: A Boon for Residents’ Sports Activities

With the completion of Yangyang-gun, Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province, the daily sports activities of residents are expected to become more convenient and diversified.

Yangyang-gun announced on the 24th that the construction of the Yangyang Multipurpose Gymnasium, which was promoted in February last year to revitalize local sports by expanding sports facility infrastructure and expanding the sports population, has been completed.

Yangyang Multipurpose Gymnasium was built with a total floor area of ​​1,149㎡ on the first floor at 184-2 Gugyo-ri, Yangyang-eup, at a total cost of 6 billion won, including 4.4 billion won in military funds, 1 billion won in national funds, and 600 million won in provincial funds. This is the size of four badminton courts.

Yangyang-gun plans to operate the multipurpose gymnasium in March after going through administrative procedures, including approval for use of the building.

With this expansion of the multipurpose gymnasium, recreational sports facilities such as a sports complex, national sports center, tennis court, table tennis court, bowling alley, and archery range have been integrated, creating conditions for local residents to enjoy a variety of sports activities.

In particular, it is expected to be of great help in hosting the 59th Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province Sports Festival to be held in Yangyang this year.

An official from Yangyang-gun said, “We hope that the expansion of the multi-purpose gym will contribute to improving residents’ leisure activities and revitalizing local sports,” and added, “We will successfully host various sports competitions in the future.”

Meanwhile, Yangyang-gun is expanding a two-story, 1,274㎡ bowling alley to the existing Yangyang Life Sports Center (table tennis court) next to the multipurpose gymnasium, with the goal of completion in June.

The bowling alley will have 14 lanes and convenient facilities such as a rest area and locker rooms.

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2024-01-24 12:19:36
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