Encouraging Winter Strengthening Training for Student Athletes in South Chungcheong Province

Ji Jae-gyu, head of the Physical Education and Health Department at the Chungnam Office of Education, is encouraging Dangjin Elementary badminton student athletes to participate in winter strengthening training.

While sports teams at all levels of schools in South Chungcheong Province are taking advantage of winter vacation to engage in winter strengthening training in the cold weather, the Office of Education has issued training guidelines for the safety and health of student athletes.

As of the 24th, 2,855 student athletes from 215 elementary, middle, and high schools in South Chungcheong Province are working hard during vacation to improve their performance.

The South Chungcheong Office of Education and 14 city and county education support offices frequently visit school sites during the winter training period and carefully monitor student athletes to ensure that they can train safely and healthily in an environment where human rights are respected.

These training guidelines include: ▲ refraining from (advisory) or prohibiting outdoor sports activities (warning) when a cold wave advisory or cold wave warning is issued; ▲ adjusting training and competition participation times to avoid exposure to extreme cold for a long time; ▲ considering the age, gender, and daily temperature changes of student athletes, etc. Selection of indoor and outdoor training locations ▲Strengthening prevention to maintain the health of student athletes, such as sufficient nutrition and water intake before and after activities, and cold protection measures ▲Conducting regular safety inspections of sports facilities before and after competitions and training ▲Entry of outsiders to lodging and training facilities Self-control ▲The preliminary field trip to the training site included information on health and safety management of student athletes, including blocking harmful factors.

Ji Jae-gyu, head of the Physical Education and Health Department, said, “We will do our best to provide administrative and financial support to create a safe training environment so that student athletes can focus on training to improve their performance.”

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2024-01-24 02:13:49
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