Drought in Spain: what restrictions will there be this summer

How does the lack of rain affect Spain?

Drought may cause restrictions in Spain

We spoke with Julio Berbel, drought expert

Despite the rainshe agua es insufficient. 42% of Spain is still in emergency by drought. He climate change does not help to improve this situation and in ‘Everything is a lie’ we talk to a expert that tells us how our country is preparing for a future without water.

Julio Berbel, from the Andalusian Drought Committee, warns that “we are late” because “Zapatero approved a series of works that are not being done.” He says that they must be carried out in addition to other works and “not be afraid of the transfer.”

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What will happen this summer if it doesn’t rain enough?

Because it is summerit is anticipated that there could be restrictionsHow will they affect us and who will be the first to suffer them? “As long as it doesn’t rain more than average, there may be some. Sevilla He has been preparing for the emergency of the summer of 23 for years, but then it rained, but if God does not remedy it this year…”

The first restrictions will be suffered by agriculture. In fact, they already regret it. What should we be doing? “You can use 10% less water on the floors, but in Malaga and Cadiz, If things don’t change, they will ban pools “private.” Berbel also tells us about the long term solutions.


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