Diego Losada relives the beginnings of Noticias Cuatro with Iñaki Gabilondo

This afternoon, at 8:00 p.m., Diego Losada will interview Iñaki Gabilondo, the founder of the first Noticias Cuatro

18 years after taking charge of them, the journalist returns to wish his successors luck

Enjoy this long-awaited interview with a communication leader for the first time

In this premiere, the return of Noticias Cuatrowe couldn’t stop looking back and remember those who marked the way. In 2005, a Iñaki Gabilondo who, as he says with his particular irony, “was about 200 years younger than today”, founded the first News Four. And this night, in the 8:00 p.m. editionwill give you the witness to Diego Losada 18 years after that.

Image by Diego Losada and Iñaki

Along with him, the first to give voice to Noticias Cuatro, will remember what the beginnings were like of a format that left (and will continue to leave) its mark on television. He will also ask you for advice for this new journey. And as, They will talk about the situation in Spain, journalism or why we can’t agree. All in an interview recorded at the Cervantes Institute that you can see in full tonight.

Iñaki Gabilondo’s advice to Diego Losada before its premiere

In the midday edition, which Alba Lago will present starting today, Diego Losada wanted to offer us a brief preview of what we will see in a matter of hours.

Diego Losada tells Alba Lago what his meeting with his predecessor has been like

When asked how he handles the responsibility of taking on a legacy like his, Iñaki was clear: “Responsibility cannot be attributed to any legacy. The responsability can be had with any viewer that he is going to listen to you and he is going to love you or he is not going to love you. There is no other objective, no other destination, no other distraction. There is a person watching you who demands the best from your work. A person who believes in you or who doesn’t believe in you. That he is going to have an opinion because of something you have said. That it will have a point of view for something that you have selected or that you have failed to select.”


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