CSN2* Ríos EQ Winter Cup: Results and Highlights from the Second Day

The second day of the CSN2* Ríos EQ Winter Cup was held on Saturday, January 20 at the Club Aros track in Murcia with the official tests throughout the morning.

The Small Grand Prix at 1.20 m. He had ten binomials without penalty in the previous round. Finally, Ángel Cerdido Gastesi was the winner of the barrage along with “Tchao de Toscane” by finishing in 36.35”. Second position went to Guillermo Díez-Delgado with “Mon Ami” in 40.48”, leaving third place for Marisa Ros Zapata with “Indigo van het Lindenhof” in 41.18”.

Previously, Ángel Cerdido Gastesi won the large event at 1.30 m. jumping to “Badminton de Tus”, followed by Diego García Medina with “Galice de Fleyers” and by Mireya Ramírez on “King Flash van Slabroek”.

The day opened with the 1.10 m test. and the triumph of Alejandra Porcel Cirera riding “Argentina”. Second place was awarded to Tomás Fuertes Giménez with “Idiana del Maset” and third place was awarded to Daniel Almeida with “Gilda”.

The competition begins every day first thing in the morning and will be played continuously throughout the day. The starting orders and results can be consulted in real time through the free Ecuestre Digital app.

2024-01-20 14:51:14
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