Coach Justin’s comments regarding the results of the Indonesian National Team’s trials, said it would be better for Shin Tae-yong’s foster children to just lose, because…

tvOnenews.comFootball observer, Justinus Lhaksana or often called Coach Justin, shares his views on the results of 3 trial matches for the Indonesian national team coached by Shin Tae-yong, ahead of their participation in the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup.

Currently, the Indonesian national team is preparing to play in the 2023 Asian Cup, a series of preparations from conducting TC in Turkey and trials.

However, unfortunately, the Indonesian national team has not been able to win any of the last three test matches ahead of the 2023 Asian Cup.

Elkan Baggott when the Indonesian National Team played against Iran. (PSSI)

Indonesia had to lose to Libya in two trial matches where Indonesia lost 4-0 in the first match.

Then in the second match against Libya, the national team again had to suffer defeat with a score of 2-1. The only goal from the national team came from Yakob Sayuri.

Most recently, Indonesia underwent another test match against Iran where the Garuda squad directed by Shin Tae-yong had to be defeated again with a score of 5-0 on Tuesday (9/1/2024).

Meanwhile, Coach Justin responded to the results of the Indonesian national team’s trial match, saying that as a former national futsal team coach, he also felt the same way.

“We too often play against small teams, and teams of the same level, in fact we rarely meet teams that are far above us, Iran is at the same level as Japan,” he said as reported by YouTube Jebreeet Media TV

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