Challenging Times for Aymarà Costone: Facing Tough Opponents and Injury Setbacks

It is a fact that it is not a favorable moment for Aymarà Costone, the victory has been missing since November 19th, but it is also true that the calendar, in this situation, has certainly not given a hand to the Sienese team that has seen forced to face the most successful teams in the group. And even today, Aymarà is called upon to face a difficult match, away, on the Pallacanestro Firenze court (match starts at 6pm – PalaSanMarcellino, referees Pampaloni from Arezzo and Massei from Lucca) which currently occupies third position in the standings with 20 points under the belt in cohabitation with Livorno. Without a doubt, this is an uncomfortable client who is faced in a moment of great form, even if it must be said that the Florentines had to pull the brakes in the last round due to the away defeat against Prato, but this does not detract from the value of a team well assorted.

David Fattorini’s team, however, in the previous round had to deal with league leaders Jolly Acli Livorno who up to now have left the points only on the Prato pitch which therefore confirms itself as a bête noire among the top of the class. “We know that it will be a difficult match – states the Sienese coach – but we will try to honor it as best we can. We knew that it would be a complicated season as the group is made up of well-equipped opponents who have also grown from a technical point of view along the way. We do not we started badly, but now we have to deal with a fairly complex phase, also due to some small ailments that limit our strength. But the girls always try to give the best of themselves and they will do so in this circumstance too, I’m sure”.

It should be remembered that in the first round Aymarà managed to defeat Florence in a hard-fought match where in the end the Sienese prevailed with a score of 73-61.


2024-01-21 04:22:39
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