CDV 67 vs. Saltium Alcorcón Basket 62: VIP Party Recap and Highlights


CDV 67 (23+16+14+14): Adrián González (11), Enrique Martínez (3), Alberto del Hierro (10), Karim Abdulla (5), Bruno de Miguel (2) – starting five – Pablo Vos, David de Teresa (3), Luca Schiaffino (8) , Francisco Mao (6), Jorge Jiménez, Emilio Tomé (8) and Arturo Darwin (11).

Saltium Alcorcón Basket 62 (13+19+13+17): Carlos Coronado (17), Sergio Martín-Albo (1), Sergio Sanz (4), Haustin Santana (14), Alberto del Pozo (13) – starting five – Diego Pulido, Miguel Pérez, Nicolás Espinosa, Miguel Sanz, Iván Sánchez (12) and Daniel del Cerro (1).

Referees: Tolosa and Latin.

MVP of the match: Carlos Coronado (Saltium Alcorcón Basket) 17 points, 6 rebounds and 21 efficiency.

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Photos: Rocío Benítez

The VIPS match on the fourteenth day of the competition started with great action from Autumn Santana. The replica soon arrived with a basket of Alberto del Hierro against two defenders. The show was guaranteed at the Ángel Nieto: triple Adrian Gonzalez and matte Carlos Coronado. Those of Alvaro Navalon They clung to an inspired Alberto del Hierro from the perimeter. The point guard scored two practically consecutive triples to begin to make a difference. He also showed his success Karim Abdullawhich extended the advantage of the Vallecanos with five points in a row that forced Goyo Santano to call a timeout (17-6 with 4:03 left). After the break, again Autumn Santana They closed the gap, but the high pace of the locals continued to prevail. Even so, Ivan Sanchez from 6.75, and Daniel del Cerrowith a free throw, left the distance at ten points, 23-13.

Just as the first quarter ended, the second began, with the Alcorconeros demonstrating their intensity on the court. Ivan Sanchez He was the great protagonist from the triple. In the opposite ring, Diego Pulido made a great block on David of Teresa. Based on insistence, Luca Schiaffino He broke his team’s two-minute drought. Precisely, the guard left Emilio Tomébut a partial 0-7, triple included Alberto del Pozocaused Alvaro Navalon had to stop the game (29-23 with 5:04 left). The locals continued to become strong on the rebound (29 to their rival’s 12 at half-time), and the match became a street runner: basket by Alberto del Pozo about the horn and response Adrian Gonzalez from the triple. The exchange of blows took him Autumn Santanawho with a triple at the buzzer made it 39-32 to end the first half.

After the break, the Alcorcon team corrected the rebound and the ball losses. Bruno de Miguel opened the third quarter, but Autumn Santana He put his team on his back to equalize the set. The Vallecanos once again placed the ten-point barrier through a triple of Francisco Mao, who chose the best way to debut in the game. That difference broke it Ivan Sanchez, who also tightened the match from 6.75. To add even more excitement to the clash, Carlos Coronado, with five consecutive points, reduced the distance to just two points (46-44 with 3:28 remaining). Those of Goyo Santano They had gotten fully involved in the meeting. The local reaction put her Luca Schiaffino, with a 2+1, although the guard failed to score the free throw. The one who did not fail was David of Teresawhich, from the triple, made it 53-45 with ten minutes remaining.

The swords were in full swing. The visitors, willing to achieve a comeback, reduced the gap, but Emilio Tomé He became strong under the basket. Even so, the center could not stop a successful Carlos Coronado, who led the partial 2-7. Every detail became key, and Alberto del Pozo He showed his cool from 4.60. Emotion marked the match and a brilliant action of Sergio Sanz He left everything to decide (57-56 with 5:15 left). The Vallecanos needed Arturo Darwin, and the power forward appeared at the decisive moment with four consecutive points. For its part, Alcorcón, led by Carlos CoronadoMVP of the game with a rating of 21, pressed his rival until the end and with twelve seconds left he was able to equalize the clash from the triple, but a steal of the ball by Alberto del Hierro He left the victory at Ángel Nieto. The point guard made it 67-62 from free throws to help CDV achieve its ninth victory of the season.

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