Carlos Sainz calls Pedro Sánchez an “asshole” | Sports

Carlos Sainz has been caught making some controversial statements. “Our president is an asshole,” says the Spanish pilot, referring to the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez. The statement, taken from a conversation and friendly and laughing with a group of pilots of the Dakar rally, which has been held since January 5 in Saudi Arabia, is framed in a talk in which both he and the Catalan Nani Roma, also a pilot , they speak in a relaxed tone about the conflict in Spain with Catalonia and the independence parties.

The video, short, and spread through social networks by the Tik Tok account of @carburandotv, shows a group of pilots gathered in a circle and standing, surely waiting for the usual afternoon briefing, which laughs. occurrences of Sainz and Roma. They are also accompanied by Kevin Benavides, motorcycle winner of the 2023 edition, and David Castera, former driver and director of the Dakar rally. Nani Roma is heard explaining something about the independence flag, “with the star in the middle,” she tells her compatriot. And there, Sainz refers to the situation in Catalonia. “But now everything is calmer, right?” they ask him. And he twists his face. “No, no,” he says. And it continues: “Because our president’s asshole, because he is an asshole…” And there the video ends.

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2024-01-10 17:31:19
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