Basketball Girona is looking for a reaction that cannot be delayed any longer against Breogán

Talking about finals with almost half a season left may seem rash, though the capricious schedule and recent defeats force Basketball Girona to return to the path of victory from this very Sunday in the always hostile Breogán track (12.30, Movistar Deportes 2). But in Lugo there is not only the result at stake and the possibility of leaving relegation at three wins, too the sensations and the ability to improve a team that cannot delay the reaction for more weeks.

The defeat against Cuer Palencia last week was the realization that more arguments are needed than the outside shot and that to win a match in the ACB you need much more regularity. This is the lesson that Básquet Girona will have to apply against a team that is fighting for the same goals as Breogán but that will predictably play with the extra competitiveness that their fans give them and that corresponds to a match of this importance.

Aside, except last minute surprise, Salva Camps will not be able to count on two fundamental players in the squad such as Juani Marcos and Sergi Martínez, so his colleagues will have to make an extra effort to make his absence be noticed as little as possible. In the base-escort position is where he can seem more affordable, because the technician does not lack cards. But none of them, aside from Marcos himself (Colom, Davis and Ivey), has so far shown enough consistency to be of good help to Ike Iroegbu. If to this is added that the production of the interior players is strictly linked to the generation of the small players, the room for maneuver and improvement is considerably reduced by the Girona players.

A limited team offensively

The positive note is that the Galicians are not short of talent either and, in addition, they arrive with just strength and morale after being eliminated from the Champions League Wednesday when losing to Karsiyaka. The team coached by Veljko Mrsic, former player of Casademont Girona, is the lowest scoring team in the ACB with 74.2 points per game and the one with the worst field goal percentage. He only stands out positively in the facet of offensive rebounds, in that is third with 11.44 captures, very close to the 12.22 of Girona, who are second. In this aspect, players like Juan Fernández, Martyn Sajus, and Mouhamet Diouf, go down for this match. Who will be available for Mrsic is the new signing, Jordan Sakhowhich had a few minutes in Murcia.

Without a clear external referent

In the perimeter, the Galician scoring references are Ben McLemore and Stefan Momirov, although it is a fairly choral team without a clear star. You should also pay attention to the Mallorcan Sergio Garcíawho in the absence of a specifically scoring base is taking a step forward and reaching double figures in scoring. The player from Palma completed a great performance two weeks ago against Granada with 22 points and was key in his team’s reaction in the last quarter after conceding a comeback from the Andalusians. García already demonstrated his ability to score in the match of the first round in Fontajau, in which he finished with a 3/7 in triples, one of which seemed to decide the party in favor of those of Lugo. The other national players of Breogán – with a more defensive profile – are the Quintela brothers and an Albert Ventura which in the last few hours has seen its link with the Galician club extended until the suspension of the King’s Cup and the FIBA ​​windows.

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