Bad place in Augsburg: After his criticism, Goretzka is looking forward to a shitstorm – Hamann delivers promptly

Sport Bad place in Augsburg

After his criticism, Goretzka is looking forward to a shitstorm – Hamann delivers promptly

Status: 27.01.2024 | Reading time: 3 minutes

Leon Goretzka criticizes the circumstances in Augsburg as inadequate and expects a subsequent shitstorm. Sky expert Didi Hamann then directly contradicts the Bayern player. Coach Thomas Tuchel had previously lost his temper.

Emotions were already running high in the final phase. “Hey. Sit on your bench, hey. Are you crazy or what? What’s wrong with you, hey?” the outside microphones captured an angry Bayern coach. Thomas Tuchel’s team threatened to squander the victory they had already believed to be certain with a 3-2 (2-0) win in Augsburg.

When asked about the scene by Sky reporter Patrick Wasserziehr, Tuchel initially tried to excuse himself. “Was I sure?” he asked, only to admit guilt after a short pause: “Yes, the emotions. Someone on the bench complained, but we had an injured player on the pitch. He didn’t see that. And of course, those are the emotions.”

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But the coach didn’t want to let the fact that Augsburg coach Jess Thorup was the addressee of the tirade go: “No, no, no, no. Not at all.” He preferred to analyze the narrow victory and highlight the special qualities of the opponent: “Augsburg only lost against Leverkusen from the top 6. And against Leverkusen only in the 94th minute. It’s super difficult to win here because the conditions and the way they play suits them as underdogs. They love that. The place is in very, very bad condition. That’s why it’s extremely difficult. You have to accept a lot of duels, accept a lot of invisible dirty work.” So big praise to all the players.

All was well with the world: Thomas Tuchel (left) and Jess Thorup before kick-off

Source: Getty Images/Alexander Hassenstein

Goretzka’s anger about the lawn

While Tuchel only dedicated one sentence to the bumpy surface, one of his players questioned the minimum standard required for a Bundesliga game. “We knew what to expect here. This is just incredibly unattractive football in my opinion. If you just look at what we’re standing on here, you can’t even call it a meadow. “That’s going towards the field,” complained Leon Goretzka.

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The midfielder also did not accept Wasserziehr’s suggestion that “this could sometimes happen in these weather conditions” and provided arguments: “Honestly? Not at all! I see it completely differently. We always say we want to see attractive football. That is not possible here at all. Honestly. We always have so many restrictions on what the stands have to be like here that people can no longer stand properly in the stadium. “Union Berlin is not allowed to play in their own stadium in the Champions League and we have to play on this pitch,” said Goretzka, aware that he was starting a discussion.

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“Now I like to listen to every shitstorm: ‘Be happy that you have such a place there.’ So everyone who plays football knows that it is simply not possible to play technically good football. Accordingly, Augsburg does it extremely well within the scope of its possibilities, extremely physical and with long balls.”

The first double followed directly from the Sky studio in Munich. “I saw Bayern’s last three home games. The pitch was better, but the football was no different,” said expert Didi Hamann smugly, dismissing Goretzka’s criticism as a poor excuse: “Yes, maybe the Augsburg team gave the groundskeeper three days off during the week. But you have to deal with it. Look at the fields we used to play on.”


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