Assessing Schalke Coach Karel Geraerts’ First 100 Days: What’s Working and What Needs Improvement

Time for a review!

Schalke coach Karel Geraerts (42) has been in office for exactly 100 days. A lot has happened at Königsblau during this time.

What works better under the Belgian? Where is there still room for improvement?

► Performance: Four Geraerts wins and a draw in nine games (including the cup exit) are not enough for Schalke’s XXL claims from the summer. But: Compared to the start of the season, the successor to ex-coach Thomas Reis (50) has improved the Pott club almost everywhere.

7th place in the Geraerts table – previously 16th place! More goals, fewer goals conceded! The mileage per game increased by an average of 3.5 kilometers!

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► Cabin authority: Geraerts leaves no doubt as to who is the boss. The coach to BILD: “In the end, I’m the boss.” With Buddy-Type Reis, on the other hand, the players had a say in the tactics. Nevertheless, there was more stress with the team under him (e.g. Baumgartl, Fährmann, Seguin).

Now the mood in the team is better. Also because Geraerts regularly has one-on-one conversations with all the professionals.

► House power: Geraerts appears strong within the club. He argues against the financial front around coal board member Christina Rühl-Hamers (47) and supervisory board boss Axel Hefer (46) for his ideas despite mega debts. Reis, on the other hand, was hardly able to achieve any of his transfer requests. Instead, he even had to pay his own transfer fee at the beginning in order to be allowed to become S04 coach. Geraerts enjoyed more support from the start.

Live breakdown on stage because of Messi

Source: BILD January 16, 2024

Geraerts has yet to become as popular as rice

► Popularity: Reis was extremely close to his fans. The Ruhrpottler by choice was willing to integrate into the city of Gelsenkirchen. His reputation among supporters is correspondingly high. Geraerts, on the other hand, has so far concentrated on his work. But he recently scored points when he said in BILD: “It was my dream to work for Schalke.” And: “I’m not here to just think about short-term success.”

Conclusion: Even if not everything is sparkling yet, Geraerts did a lot of things right in his first three months at Schalke!

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