Arguiñano charges against ‘Masterchef’: “It seems like a war and they are looking for tears”

Carlos Arguiñano He is not only known for his recipes, but also for his forceful way of speaking. The Basque does not bite his tongue and is very clear in giving his opinion, as he has done with MasterChef‘.

The Antena 3 chef has attacked the talent show in a talk that went viral on the social network Tik Tok with aspiring chefs, being very harsh with this type of programs.

“They have offered me to do all those programs and I have not wanted to do any of them. They are not programs cocinathey are cooking reality shows“, begins by saying the presenter of ‘Open Kitchen’.

We look more for tears, crying… Cooking is camaraderie. In those programs, no one has learned to cook, they seem like wars.” argues about a type of program in which, curiously, his sister now participates Eva Arguiñano, who is a judge of ‘Bake Off: Baked celebrities’.

2024-01-13 22:26:06
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