Alex Honnold the Disney film about climbing in Greenland

Alex Honnold returns to talk about extreme climbing in a new film on Disney Plus about his climbs in Greenland: Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold.
It’s a documentary in three episodes for National Geographic set in Greenland, in which the great American climber faces the most difficult wall of his career, also fighting against his personal ghosts.

Alex Honnold, the Disney film about climbing in Greenland, where to see it

Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold è a scientific expedition told like a suspense film.
The narrator is Honnold himself, flanked by other athletes (Aldo Kane, Hazel Findlay, Mikey Schaef and guide Adam Kjeldsen) and by glaciologist Heidi Sevestreworking for the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, Greenlandic, in collaboration with NASA.
In the 3 episodes we follow group lalong a complex itinerary in the heart of Greenlanda journey of skiing, trekking and climbing, culminating in Honnold’s ascent of the daunting vertical wall called Ingmikortilaqnever faced by a human being.

But there’s more: the presence of the glaciologist adds the narrative line of the worrying melting of the ice from the Arctic ice cap, which literally falls on the team members’ heads. Sevestre accompanies Honnold by doing her work, that is, detecting changes in the thickness of the ice with special instruments and showing us how we are losing an immense heritage of natural water reserves, in addition to the risks associated with rising seas.

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Trailer di Arctic Ascent con Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold today

As he says in the film Arctic Ascent, after Free Solo, the conquest of El Capitan solo and the Oscar, Alex Honnold felt a little lost and unmotivated, with no real new goals to excite him.
With this project, however, he was able to find his motivation again: an adventure in Greenland was what he had always dreamed of as a child. He thus embarks on an epic undertaking in a remote corner of the world but at the center of dramatic climate change, a topic that has always fascinated Honnold. And the Ingmikortilaq is 300 meters higher than Yosemite Valley’s El Cap.

In between there was the expedition to South America for The Last Tepui, but above all the birth of their daughter June, on February 17, 2022, which he had with his partner Sanni McCandless (nothing to do with Chris McCandless from Into the wild, if you’re wondering). Honnold undertakes this undertaking for her too, to look to the future of the planet.

Where to see Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold

The documentary film Arctic Ascent with Alex Honnold is divided into 3 episodes of approximately 45 minutes each.
It can be viewed by subscription on Disney Plus from February 4, 2024inside the National Geographic channel.

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