Alejandro Balde: Injury Update and Decision on Surgery vs Conservative Treatment

Alejandro Balde He had to retire from the Cup match against Athletic Club twenty minutes into the game due to a hamstring injury. The defender asked for a change, quickly seeing that he could not continue, his expressions of pain on the pitch were eloquent and did not bode well for the misfortune.

And that’s because at the moment the club’s medical services are debating whether the player has to undergo surgery. a surgical operation or follow conservative treatment. Balde will undergo more tests to see if she only has a tear in her hamstrings or the tendon is also affected.

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The decision will be made in the next few hours but it is crucial to see how long the player will be out. If you have to undergo surgery practically the season would be over because he could be off the playing field for four months. And that would also affect his possible presence in the Euro Cup. At this time, he does not have the position secured.

If you follow conservative treatment, the sick leave period would not be so long and could be there for the final stretch of the season. This is the decision that the player must make together with the medical services and his environment once more tests have been done and it is known more exactly what he has and what is affected. It should be taken this Thursday or at most Friday.

For Xavi it ​​is bad news since at this moment does not have any left back in the squad because Marcos Alonso had surgery a few weeks ago and is still out. So the technician will have to continue pulling Cancelo or Héctor Forttwo right backs who can act on a changed wing.

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