Agassi Tennis Academy Kicks Off 2024 Season with Night Tournament

Sport / JANUARY 13, 2024 / 22 hours before

Author: Andres Felipe Ramos Gámez

The contest also helps measure the level of the academy members.

With the development of the night tournament, the Agassi Tennis Academy begins the 2024 season, where it hopes to consolidate itself as one of the best in the discipline at the departmental and regional level.

The contest will begin on Monday, January 15 and, as its name indicates, there will be meetings at night, with the aim that everyone who makes up the academy can be present.

This type of space also became traditional within Agassi, because the performance of the rackets, in this case the second category ones, can be measured.

The competition will reward the winners with cash plus trophies, registration is still open, so the number 313 6834886 is available for more information about costs and requirements.

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