1-0: Avilés regains its smile at home

Avilés smiles again. After choking on grapes and adding two consecutive defeats at the beginning of the year, against Ourense and Deportivo Fabril, the blue and white team have ended their bad streak by beating Racing Villalbés in their first home game. The Avilesinos, bossy from the first minute, gave the Galician team no choice and in a great match they took three vital points.

Real Aviles: Álvaro Fernández; Trabanco, Orfila, Jesús del Amo, Iván Serrano; Cortina, Mecerreyes; Miguel Sierra, Natalio, Isma Cerro; Claudius.

Changes: Jorge, min. 46, by Claudio. July, min. 65, by Sierra. Davo Fernández, min. 77, by Natalio.

Racing Villalbés: Santomé; López, Vérez, Quico, Nathan, Buyo; Uzal, Javi Varela; Ález Pérez, José Varela and Ibra Dieng

Changes: Pablo Rey, min. 46, by López. Isaac, min. 63, by Isaac. Javi Rey, min. 73, by Buyo. Rares, min. 73, by Javi Varela. Izan, min. 85, by Vérez.

Goals: 1-0, min. 15: Claudio.

Referee: Sánchez Ingidua (Castilla y León). He admonished the locals Álvaro Fernández and Davo Fernández and the visitors Nathan and Pablo Rey.

Suarez Puerta: 1,800 spectators

From the opening whistle it was clear that Avilés wanted to take the three points. The blue and white team came out to get the ball in the early stages, dominating possession and trying to unravel the defense of Racing Villalbés, which formed a line of five defenders. The great novelty in Manolo Sánchez Murias’ scheme was the entry as starter of Miguel Sierra, leaning on the right, leaving Jorge and Davo Fernández on the bench. Above him Claudio recovered his space, moving Isma Cerro to the left. The bet could not have gone better for the Gijon native, since the Granada playmaker was one of the names of the match.

The blue and white dominated the game, but, as has happened to them dozens of times this season, they were missing the last pass. They had the game under control, but without giving the sensation of creating danger. The stands were beginning to get restless about living the same old story, but in the 15th minute Claudio was in charge of erasing those thoughts from the public. Cortina filtered a pass that broke two lines of pressure, connecting with Natalio, who found the Leonese in space so that, in one-on-one, he broke the Racing Villalbés net.

The goal took a weight off the locals, who began to dare more in the final third of the field. After withstanding the first Galician challenge, the blue and white team demanded a possible penalty from Natalio, who fell in the area in a messy play. A minute later Sierra dared with a powerful shot from outside the area that Santomé sent over his crossbar. It was not the only attempt by the Granada native, since on the stroke of half-time he once again showed off his great left foot with a shot to the long post that licked the post.

Avilés had the opportunity to seal the match before going to the locker room, with a great twisted play. The blue and whites recovered in their own field and Sierra commanded a counterattack, giving the ball to Claudio, who stuck to the lime line to receive. The Leonese intelligently saw Natalio charging into the area and sent him a quick pass, but the Valencian could not beat the visiting goalkeeper.

But after the break, Racing Villalbés showed why they are one of the best visitors in the category. Far from giving up, his coach, Simón Lamas, decided to change the system to get rid of a defender and have more men in attack. The modification of the Galician team was soon seen, as they took a step forward and took control of the match.

As a result of that push, the clearest action by Villalba’s team came around the 65th minute. Álvaro Fernández made a mistake in a start and ran over Álex Pérex in the area, causing a clear penalty. The visitors were not successful from eleven meters, as Javi Rey fired a shot into the center that the goalkeeper cleared with his feet. The action served to wake up Avilés, but without showing the version of the first half again.

Sánchez Murias then decided to use the bench and brought on Julio Rodríguez for Miguel Sierra, thus forming a line of five defenders and protecting his own area. The most counterpunching approach was seen with the entry of Davo Fernández, who teamed up with Isma Cerro in attack to try to exploit his speed on the counterattacks. With the changes, Avilés stopped suffering so much and even had the opportunity to go two goals ahead, but the referee decided to annul a goal by Jesús del Amo for offside. The blue and white team thus returns to the path of victory after two consecutive defeats and moves away from the relegation zone. Now, to think about the Gimnástica de Torrelavega.

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