Youth Prominence: FC Barcelona’s Loaned Defenders Stand Out in La Liga

10/12/2023 at 08:00 CET

Being a member of the first team of FC Barcelona is very expensive, very expensive, and high-quality youth players have to make a living. This season, four defenders who have links with the Barça club are standing out in LaLiga, either on loan or with another formula. They are Mika Marble, Chadi Riad, Eric Garcia and Ronald Araujo.

All of them are having a great season, but some find it easier to return, and others, almost impossible. There are up to three different cases.

Mika and economic rights

The most complicated case is that of Mika Mármol, since the left-footed center back does not belong to FC Barcelona nor is he on loan from the Barça club. ANDIt is a somewhat unique situation, which dates back to when the Egarense was transferred to Andorra in the summer of 2022.

At that time, Barça kept 50 percent of the player’s financial rights and a buyback option for the future. Mika had a great season in the El Principat team (he only missed three games) and last summer, García Pimienta’s UD Las Palmas knocked on his doors.

What the island team did was buy the 50% that Andorra owned, with Barça keeping the other half. If the Barça club wanted him to return, they would have to negotiate with the Gran Canarian, who gave him a contract until 2026.

Mika Mármol was an express request from García Pimienta, who knew him very well from his time at Barça. He is exploiting all of his qualities and is a centre-back that draws attention that he has not had more opportunities as a Barça player, since his ball delivery is impeccable, and in addition, he is very competitive and a good defender. In the League, he has only missed one game, the 2-0 defeat at the Bernabéu against Real Madrid – due to suspension.

Betis has everything in its favor to keep Chadi

Barça’s idea when it gives up a player is for him to have minutes, and in this sense, the Barça club was completely right by accepting the proposal from Real Betis. Although at that time it was not known that events were going to precipitate.

First was the departure of Luiz Felipe to Saudi Arabia after the Spanish summer market had closed, and then, Marc Bartra’s injury. The result is that Chadi is playing almost everything in the League and Copa del Rey (13 games in total) partnering in central defense with Germán Pezzella. The pity is that he was not registered in the Europa League, since he would still add more minutes.

Chadi is studying an accelerated master’s degree who have confirmed that he is a forceful left-footed centre-back, with good aerial play and also gifted with good ball delivery.

Chadi is on loan to Betis until the end of the season, but in his case a purchase option was established for the green and white club that was not made public, but which, as BeSoccer published a while ago, is three million euros for 50% of the footballer’s pass and that will become mandatory if a series of requirements are met that, based on his minutes and performance, seem to be met.

Eric Garcia and Julián Araujo are expected

The two players that Barça will be able to have next season if this is their will are Eric Garcia and Julián Araujo. In a sign of their clear intention that they end up succeeding, the Barça club did not impose any type of purchase option in their loan contracts.

Xavi Hernández did not want Eric to leave, but the one from Martorell insisted in search of minutes and He left without even being able to include the ‘fear clause’. His option was Míchel’s Girona. He couldn’t have chosen better. In the red and white team he is showing the qualities that make him a center back with very good footwork, agility and positioning. Freed from the pressure to which he was subjected at Barça, Eric has played 12 games and scored a goal, at Villarreal. And he has also been able to strengthen himself a lot in terms of mentality. He seems more and more prepared to return.

Julián Araujo is the only one of the four who does not act as a center back and who has not yet been able to make his debut for Barça in an official match. Gone is that fax that didn’t arrive on time and that prevented you from stepping onto the grass. But at UD Las Palmas he is making the most of his time, he has all the trust of García Pimienta and has scored two goals in 16 games. He is quick in attacking forays, but also confident and expeditious in defense. Araujo increasingly aims to be Joao Cancelo’s competition at right back next season.

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