World Cup 2034: Markus Babbel criticizes DFB over Saudi Arabia

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“Embarrassing” – Babbel criticizes the DFB’s silence on the World Cup in Saudi Arabia

Status: 29.12.2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes

FIFA President Giovanni Infantino (l.) and DFB President Bernd Neuendorf at the 2022 World Cup. FIFA is being criticized for awarding the 2034 World Cup to Saudi Arabia

Those: picture alliance/dpa/Federico Gambarini

The 2034 World Cup will probably be played in Saudi Arabia. Former national player Markus Babbel demands a clear stance from the DFB on this issue and criticizes President Bernd Neuendorf. Babbel is even ashamed of the association.

European champion Markus Babbel is demanding that the German Football Association (DFB) take a clear stance on Saudi Arabia’s controversial application to host the 2034 World Cup. “I would like to see more backbone from President Bernd Neuendorf,” said the 51-year-old in an interview with ” Mannheim Morning”.

“The German officials criticize a lot, they whine, but they never do anything about FIFA’s procurement practices. That was the case at the World Cup in Qatar and now it’s exactly the same. That is embarrassing. That really annoys me. I’m even ashamed of it,” said Babbel, the 1996 European champion who once played for FC Bayern, among others.

“Infantino is laughing his head off”

And further: “We are surprised that nothing is changing for the better. Fifa President Gianni Infantino is laughing his head off. At some point you have to make unpopular decisions. Otherwise you can’t move anything.”

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which has been criticized for the human rights situation there, was the only candidate to submit a declaration of interest in hosting the World Cup in eleven years. The decision will be made at the congress of the world association Fifa at the end of next year and the contract is considered certain.

Markus Babbel played for FC Bayern, among others, and criticizes the DFB because of Saudi Arabia

Source: dpa/Tom Weller

President Neuendorf recently stated that the DFB would still take a position on Saudi Arabia’s controversial application. We are already in contact with representatives from different areas about the situation in Saudi Arabia

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