Women’s football drama with England, Scotland and the Netherlands

The 0:6 is not enough for the Scottish women – and not enough for the English women either. Image: Reuters

UEFA is laying an egg in the nest for St. Nicholas: In the women’s football nations league, Scotland and England end in a 6-0 defeat with “taste”. But the Dutch women get the point.

Football can be so cruel. On Tuesday, the Scottish nation had to cope with the fact that its students performed significantly worse than the English students in the PISA study published that afternoon. And then in the evening their women’s national team also received a good drink from their neighbors, who have a close rivalry. In Germany, we know all too well what this is like at the moment (greetings to Austria at this point). But for the Scots, the humiliation almost had a positive side effect.

Because the European Football Union (UEFA) put a nice egg in the nest of the teams involved on St. Nicholas Eve. She had allowed the two British teams to be drawn into one group in the Nations League. So on the final day of the match there was a constellation that for Scotland it was no longer about anything, but for England in the long-distance duel with the Netherlands it was about the chance of an Olympic ticket.


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