Who are Astralaga, Kochen and Yako, Iñaki Peña’s substitutes?

While Barça is looking out for the back of Ter Stegenwho will have to undergo surgery, Xavi has to look down to find the substitute. Search the quarry for Iñaki Peña’s Iñaki Peña, the substitute who assumes the complicated Barça ownership with authority and personality, leaving two games to remember: decisive stops against Porto and Atlético.

Stops by Iñaki, who at 24 years old has gained credibility and strength at a key moment of the season. Ander Astralagaa 19-year-old Basque goalkeeper, who plays for the reserve team, Diego CookingAmerican goalkeeper, 17 years old, who has Peruvian nationality (through his mother) and Venezuelan (through his father), and Aron Yaakobishvili, better known as ‘Yako‘, 17-year-old Hungarian goalkeeper.

He arrived at La Masia in the summer of 2019. He came from one of the best goalkeeper pools in Spanish football. And European. Ander Astralaga from Lezama came, the birthplace of Athletic. He arrived as a cadet A to the Barça club. He is a big goalkeeper (he is 1.90 m tall), which gives him great ease in dominating the aerial game, in addition to managing his feet well in building the offensive game.

He debuted with the Barça reserve team against Betis Deportivo (1-2, March 2022) and now, after Ter Steger’s injury, he has become the first substitute for Xavi. Seven months ago, Barça strengthened its commitment to Ander Astralaga, signing its renewal until June 2025.

He is 17 years old. He was born in Miami, although he has triple nationality due to the Peruvian origin of his mother (originally from Lima) and the Venezuelan origin of his father, born in Caracas. “I always wanted to be in goal, but right before a game the goalkeeper got sick and they started me,” says Kochen, who moved with his family to Spain when he was 12 years old.

“My mother had to stay in Miami for work,” he recalled on his first step in Europe signed by the Marcet Foundation. He arrived there after playing for West Pines United (Florida).. The father of one of his teammates organized a trip to attend the classic in Madrid, go sightseeing and play some friendlies, coinciding with the option of facing the Marcet Foundation in Barcelona.

His technicians saw him there and he stayed for a year. Little time because Barça detected something special in Diego Kochen, who now measures 1.88 m. “I couldn’t believe it,” says this young man, who has “Ter Stegen, Víctor Valdés and even Claudio Bravo” as his role models. “Here the goalkeeper is just another player. We are the first attacker,” Kochen said in an interview on Barça TV, recalling that he studies at La Masia but adapted to the United States education system.

A teenage girl from Budapest

He has already trained with the first team. He is 17 years old. He arrived at Barça’s Infantil B team in 2018, from Atlètic Sant Just since his mother had come to Barcelona to work. He had only been there for one season, but he already aroused Barça’s interest. He had been surprised by his excellent reflexes and wingspan. He is a teenager who already sat on the Vallecas bench coinciding with the first game without Ter Stegen.

Iñaki Peña debuted this season against Rayo (1-1), with Astralaga (number 26) and Aron, with number 36, as substitutes. Aron Yaakobishvili, or ‘Yako’ as he is known at La Masia, is a goalkeeper who trained initially in his country. He came from MTK Budapest (born in the Hungarian capital on March 6, 2006) and arrived in Barcelona via Atlético Sant Just.

It renewed last season until June 2025. He has dual nationality: Hungarian and Georgian. Large goalkeeper (he is 1.85 m tall), with a shy character, although later his more competitive spirit emerges when he puts on his gloves. He is a starter in the Juvenil A team led by Óscar López in the Youth League.

Aron or ‘Yako’ has a brother, 19 years old, –Antal Yaakobishvili, who plays for Girona B as a center back, standing out for his enormous wingspan as he measures 1.93 m.

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