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This week the report was released with which FIFA argues his decision to sanction three years of disqualification to Luis Rubialesformer president of the RFEF. The story that he tells Disciplinary Committee of the highest body of international football is much harsher than the images themselves spread ad nauseam since last August 20.

According to that report, the inappropriate attitude of Rubiales It was not limited to the Spanish Jenni Hermosobut, according to the complaint of the English Federation (FA), the Spaniard caressed the face of the English player Laura Coombs and kissed hard on the face Lucy Bronze. Those images went unnoticed by the ‘Tsunami Jenni’but they happened before the eyes of the FA president Debbie Hewitt, who ended the ceremony embarrassed.

In the digital age, as we know, what is not recorded or broadcast live is as if it had not existed. In fact, it is highly probable that, if the TV had not broadcast the kiss to Jenni, absolutely nothing would have happened with Luis Rubialesdespite the fact that his behavior, as he says FIFAruined the experience world to many, starting with the player and her teammates as soon as they became world champions.

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While in Spain declaration is still pending Beautiful before the National audiencescheduled for January 2, FIFA’s investigation has concluded that Rubiales and her entourage pressured and emotionally coerced the player on numerous occasions to take a position in favor of the disqualified person, and that the former president used the RFEF Assembly to distort the reality of the kiss in his favor. With applause and everything.

More than three months have passed since the team was world champion. They must not have been easy for Jenniunfairly targeted for reporting to the Prosecutor’s Office a behavior that the Spanish justice system has yet to qualify, but the FIFA has already firmly condemned and punished. The argument that the kiss has become politicized in Spainwhich those who legitimize machismo continue to use, does not seem to have convinced FIFA, which joins the “idiots and stupid people” who do not laugh at the “piquito”.

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