Victor VICTOR Victory 2023 World Tour Finals Racket: Recommended by Xiaoyou

Recommended by Xiaoyou

Victor VICTOR victory 2023 World Tour Finals commemorative racket ARS HSPLUS WT (Speed ​​HSPLUS)

VICTOR 2023 World Tour Finals series badminton racket AURASPEED HS PLUS WT is equipped with a new third-generation whip gain system and a new gradient distribution inflection point center pole. Compared with the previous generation WES 2.0, the power transmission is further improved, and the attack The angle is sharper.

Frame material: high-strength carbon fiber+HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY+FORMOSA CARBON FIBER
The racket material is high-strength carbon fiber+PYROFIL+6.8 SHAFT
Body weight: 3U, 4U
Body length – Source:
Handle thickness G5
The middle tube has extra hard toughness
Cable weight: 3U≤29LBS, 4U≤28LBS

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