Tyrese Haliburton: Indiana Pacers’ Rising Star Shines Bright in NBA Cup Playoffs

Los Indiana Pacers made the ‘ticket’ to Las Vegas for the final playoffs of the NBA In-Season Tournament with a giant declaration of intent. They knocked down the Boston Celtics, the best team at the beginning of the season, and Tyrese Haliburton (Wisconsin, 2000) claimed, even more, that he is not a normal point guard. That comparisons with legends like Steve Nash are fair. And that you can never judge ‘a book by its cover’… or a player by the way he pulls it.

The Indiana Pacers make the NBA Cup crazy: goodbye to the super Celtics!

Status‘billed 26 points, 13 assists and 10 rebounds. With five triples and 70.5% in the ‘true shooting’ -parameter that unites global efficiency-. Wild, without a doubt. The lights of his first game broadcast on national television -TNT- did not dazzle him and he signed his first triple-double plus victory.

The ending breaks everything that was believed about it. It’s not very academic, it’s reality. But he scores a lot and his 3+1 over Jaylen Brown blew up the game. “The boy was already shooting like this when he was 12 or 13 years old, in his high school days. I’m sure many asked him to change. “Move your shoulder like this or turn around,” they told him. And he continued with his mechanics. It’s his way of playing. And it’s a great form,” Paul George analyzed the shot on his podcast. Another star… and, curiously, it is on the other side. He is perfect throwing.

Haliburton, with the Pacers.

The rarest shot in the world

The boy with the strangest shot is already a giant. “At every level of my life they asked me to change. I got to the NBA and Luke Walton, my first coach in Sacramento, didn’t know anything about me. He told me that Steve Kerr had called him, because I did training with the Warriors, so that no one would touch my shot. And from that moment on, no one ever repeated anything to me,” the point guard acknowledged about his launch on George’s own podcast. They knew something, like the Pacers when they signed him in a trade with the Kings in exchange for Sabonis.

Steve Kerr called so that no one would change my shot

Tyrese Haliburton

From those doubts, to stardom. Against Boston it is the third game with more than 25 points, more than 10 assists and no losses. There are only three others… combined. And there are only two more boys who have achieved it at 23 or younger years: Nikola Jokic (2018) and Grant Hill (1996).

The dunk with which Indiana finished sinking Boston

I’ve never seen a point guard with that combination of pass and shot.

Paul Pierce

Plus extreme reliability. In the clutch, a time that includes the last five minutes when a team is five or fewer points away, they have only missed five shots, averaging 73.7% on field goals and 77.8% on three-pointers. More vision to find companions. “I’ve never seen a point guard with that combination of pass and shot. I try to remember it, but I don’t see anyone. It is the way of shooting and choosing your teammates. He is an elite point guard,” analyzed Paul Pierce, Celtics legend. He also knows this. And everyone applauds ‘Hali’.

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