Turkish Cypriot Basketball Federation Clubs Demand Extraordinary General Assembly

10 member clubs of the Turkish Cypriot Basketball Federation (KTBF) signed the Extraordinary Electoral General Assembly in basketball.

The signature text includes the request for an extraordinary general assembly for the election of the Basketball Federation President and Boards.

The clubs based their demands on Article 19 of the Basketball Federation Charter and explained the main reasons for their demands as follows:

Removal of age restrictions in the competition guidelines Removal of the maximum minutes rule in the competition guidelines Removal of the rule for coaches to be on the field with a maximum of 2 teams Ensuring that the licenses of all athletes are issued and requested before the competitions Ensuring that all teams play at least 2 matches against each other, without discrimination, even if the number of teams is large. History of the leagues As soon as it is determined, at least 1 preparation tournament will be held in each category.

In addition, it was stated that these demands were not taken into account in the previous meetings and the instructions conveyed, and the uncertainty regarding the fixtures regarding the Pro League Men’s and Pro League Women’s leagues that the federation had to organize was also criticized.

The clubs also criticize some of the statements of the federation president in the “Pulse of the Basket” program and demand a return to the essence of basketball and a review of the rules that are considered incorrect.

In the declaration, it is requested that the federation be invited to an Extraordinary General Assembly and that the Basketball Federation Presidency and Boards be elected in this general assembly.

2023-12-06 00:53:55
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