Thomas Binelli: The Viola Basketball Captain on the Team, Fans, and Future Opponents

Il Captain of the Viola Basketball, Thomas Binelli he was a guest inside the ftelevision ormat Black Orange Momentsbroadcast on the official TV of Pallacanestro Viola, Videotouring.

Here are his impressions:

“We don’t want to stop. We are doing very well but we expected it. We knew we weren’t the “Cinderella” of the championship but, at the same time, we knew we weren’t the team to beat. We expected it because, even if “as names” we were not first, we all had great motivations. We showed that we can play with anyone. As long as it goes, let’s keep going like this.”

The beautiful match against Piazza Armerina?

“In our heads we always wanted to win it. We brainstormed until we reached the finish line. We did what we had to do, and it went well.”

The new entry Giovanni Cessel?

“He immediately integrated great. He just had to understand the transition from American basketball to Italian basketball. It’s not easy to settle in straight away. In my opinion he has already got things going.”

The Reggio public?

“During the minute of reflection I met my partner Emin Mavric’s eyes and we understood each other: We are really managing to bring a lot of people. You can really feel the warmth of the audience: an atmosphere that gives you goosebumps. We want to continue like this. Seeing so many people is wonderful: we can’t do anything but invite everyone, Sunday after Sunday.”

The technical staff?

“I really like it. I really like having a coach who played basketball. He understands our thoughts, our needs: he knows what we are talking about. Being young, he has a different energy, he is not satisfied at all and it is an added value.”

Our group?

“It helps a lot that almost everyone is the same age. Being a group is fundamental and we must demonstrate it to the full.”

The difficult moments?

“We’ve been through this before. In Ragusa, there was some disappointment because we could have won it. Our heads reset and we move forward.”

Where can we improve?

“We have some little dark moments and it showed. To get to the end we cannot be diesel. We have to be concentrated for forty minutes.”

Cus Catania, the next opponent?

“They are coming off an excellent match played in Milazzo against Svincolati. They have three more players than in the first leg, Vasta, Vitosis and the new entry Frizzarin. We cannot underestimate them, like anyone else. They are tough: great attention is needed. We don’t think about Capo d’Orlando or rather, about the match against Orlandina we think about the fortieth minute of the match played and lost at PalaCalafiore. We’ve been playing game by game since the beginning of the year.”

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