The women’s Bidasoa XXI is downgraded after more than 20 years in the Honor Division

Saturday, December 23, 2023, 12:38 | Updated 1:14 p.m.


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Bidasoa XXI made history more than 20 years ago when, in three seasons, it went from being a provincial club to rubbing shoulders with the best clubs in Spain. It was in the 2000/01 season when the Irundarra club participated in the First Division in the Spanish Club Cup, won the competition and was promoted to the highest category, the Honor Division. Since then it has remained there. With more or less reinforcements but in the Honor Division. Until this week, despite the efforts of the swimmers, they have been relegated to seventh position, with 272.00 points behind Palma de Mallorca, which, with 317.00 points, was sixth and first to be saved. Along with the Bidasoa XXI, the CN Terrassa also loses the category. Javier Iguiñiz, the club’s sports director, plays down the relegation: «We knew it was very difficult. We have had some last minute losses and it was practically impossible to keep up. Still, they have done a great job. “It is a very high-level competition.”

A record from more than 20 years ago

The Bidasoa XXI men’s team, which was competing on the same days in Castellón in the First Division, has been on the verge of being the other side of the coin since it has been left on the verge of promotion to the Honor Division. “They had an incredible competition,” says Iguiñiz. Among the results, those of stylist Asier Iguiñiz stand out, who broke the oldest record in the table of best male marks in short course. Asier Iguiñiz, born in 2005, had a time of 55.57 in the 100 medley, improving the 56.12 that Miguel Santolaya from Biscay had had since no less than 2002. The swimmer also broke the Euskadi record of 200 medleys with 2:01.01.

The boys have placed third with 910 points behind Mediterrani (1st with 1,019.50) and Ferca-San José (2nd with 924.50 points). Next season therefore Bidasoa XXI will be fully in the First Division.

The men’s team was on the verge of achieving promotion to the Honor Division. Bidasoa XXI

Without Mireia

The presence of Mireia Belmonte in the competition was one of the attractions of this Spanish Club Cup but it was not to be. The Catalan, who has signed for CN Barcelona, ​​was signed up to compete in the 100 and 200 medleys but finally withdrew. Seven months before the Olympic Games, not only the fitness of the best Spanish swimmer in history but also whether she will be able to take part in them remains a mystery. Her opportunity lies in doing the minimum required in the Spanish Open in June or, failing that, in the European Championships that are held on the same dates.

Real Canoe at men’s level and Club Natació Sant Andreu at girls level have revalidated their titles in the Division of Honor. The competition, which took place this week at Club Natació Barcelona, ​​was held for the first time in a short pool.

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