The Winter Meetings, Shohei’s Impact, and Hall of Fame Controversies: A Baseball Expert’s Take

Baseball expert and first time Hall of Fame voter David Brown is on the pod to talk about the Winter Meetings, the joys of the Opryland Hotel, guys falling into fountains and whether or not Shohei can hold up the entire the market. They make the case for why Shohei should get out and see more of the country, wonder how close the Cubs actually came to getting him last time, something Joe Maddon doesn’t get enough credit for, what Cody Bellinger’s real value is, why the Cardinals settled for bad, old pitchers to replace their bad, old pitchers and if the Cubs really signalled they’re ready to pay when they hired Craig Counsell. They also talk about the Hall of Fame, and why off the field stuff other than steroids is and should be keeping some guys out. And, why it took Andre Dawson 12 years to realize he had an Expos logo on his plaque. All that, and more.
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2023-12-05 08:49:17
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