The Unconventional Lifestyle of NBA Star Nikola Jokic: Drinking 6 Beers a Day and Still Dominating the League

By Adiel Kalonji | NBA Editor

Double MVP and reigning champion, Nikola Jokic is considered by some to be the best basketball player in the league today. Paradoxically, the Serbian completely stands out from the traditional image of a player far from the court. His teammate Michael Porter Jr. recently shared an eloquent anecdote on the subject.

In a league that is diversifying from year to year, which has tended for several years to favor positions 1 and 2, Nikola Jokic is one of those who came to bring the Big Men up to date. After winning two MVP titles in a row, and allowing the Nuggets to lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the first in their history in 2023, the Serbian seems to be starting again this season on the same standards.

Indeed, he is currently in pole position in the race for the MVP title and it is all the more fascinating when we focus on the stories of the Joker’s lifestyle. Because apart from his atypical physique for an athlete, the 2m11 and 129kg giant is not known for his diligence when it comes to training. On the contrary, since Michael Porter Jr. recently explained the Serbian’s routine this summer on his podcast.

Jokic’s mind-blowing routine this summer

Early in my career with the Nuggets, he wasn’t really interested in basketball. He was so good that he didn’t care that much. But he improved every year, even after his MVP year. How do you improve after an MVP year? That’s what he did. Then he became MVP a second time in a row. How can he be better this year, when we just won the title? He was coming back from Serbia, and when we were talking he told me “Beers, I have 6 a day”. He probably hasn’t touched a basketball all summer…

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Alcohol should be consumed in moderation, but Jokic obviously didn’t care about it after the coronation. Some people who saw him drunk in the streets this summer will be able to testify to this.. Regardless, this lifestyle did not seem to affect the talent of the reigning champion who, moreover, always considered basketball as a simple profession. An anecdote that makes some people dream, but that others have difficulty swallowing.

The Joker who drinks 6 beers a day, who doesn’t touch a single ball for months, only to come back and be the best player in the league for the 4th year in a row, he is living the American dream.

Considering the way Jokic is playing at the moment, I don’t believe in the “He hasn’t touched a ball all summer” in Serbia 🇷🇸 😂

Despite his extraordinary talent, Nikola Jokic does not necessarily have a reputation for hard work, far from it. The latter visibly prefers to drink beers every day during his vacations, but the fact remains that he is at the peak of his career and perhaps on his way to a third MVP title.

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