The Unbridgeable Distance: Real Madrid’s Battle Against the Referees

The distance is unbridgeable, huge and without any solution. Every day, every game there are new reasons to show a divorce that has been going on for a long time and that was exacerbated by the Negreira case.

Real Madrid does not plan to lower its armsHe doesn’t even plan to stop in that fight he has against the Technical Committee of Referees (CTA)to whom he openly points out that they are complicit in a situation that, according to what they manage and affirm in Valdebebas, has harmed the Madrid entity systematically in recent years.

Real Madrid TV charges against Soto Grado: “He has systematically harmed”

Videos have become commonplace to point out and remember backgrounds with some of the referees who play each week. It’s not with everyone. The leaders maintain that some of the referees in question deserve respect and hence the absence of the messages sent from the club’s television. This week the one chosen by the committee was Soto Gradoa referee with whom the distance comes from far back, specifically with that famous phrase: “You’ve had 90 minutes, don’t come at me now with added time”he commented in response to the protests of the Madrid fans in a match played in Valdebebas against Osasuna.

The arbitration group believes that these videos further strain the atmosphere and that only increase the tension of everything that happens around a football game. They do not understand or share the attitude of the Madrid club, nor that of others who issue statements or are absent from meetings in which steps forward could be taken, in search of an understanding that today seems impossible to achieve.

Soto Grado in last year’s Betis-Madrid.MARK

The vision of Real Madrid

Real Madrid has given the Federation a margin of time in other types of matters until the presidential instability is resolved. However, in the refereeing matter he does not take his foot off the accelerator, because as they manage in each match, find situations that are very difficult to explain.

The truth is that the videos personalize what Real Madrid feels against those in charge in the referee group. They do not hide it and President Medina Cantalejo and Clos Gomez (VAR) are their true objective.

Clos Gomez, Medina Cantalejo and Undiano Mallenco.CHEMA REY

Referees feel uncomfortable with videos and although they try to stay out of it, they confess that it ends up being impossible because of all the people around them and comment on what was said from the white club and from others, that They use weapons that are within reach.

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