The Troubles of Manchester City: Guardiola’s Worst Moment Yet

It’s hard to think about it and even harder to say it, but the Manchester City of Pep Guardiola He is going through one of his worst moments since his arrival. In terms of results, with four consecutive games without winning in Premier Leagueand at the level of play, although it is still close to the leader Arsenal, which has 6 more points.

The ‘citizen’ team came from games with deficiencies, but the defeat against Aston Villa went one step further. Unai Emery he ate his rival in all aspects. With a brave approach and aggressive and risky pressure, those from Birmingham ruled the entire duel and the victory was fair and surely short considering what we saw. And if that were not enough, they snatched third place from him.

The game was so bad that several negative records were broken. At club level, the Manchester City He finished the duel having made only two shots between the sticks and one outside, all in the first half, which means not even having arrived in the second. A fact that has not happened to the team since 2007when it had not yet been acquired by the sheikhs of the Arab Emirates. And not only that, it became the game with the fewest shots in more than 20 years.

The thing did not stop there, because also for Pep Guardiola a negative record was broken. The Catalan has always been characterized by proposing offensive, controlling and finishing football. He accentuated it even more since his arrival in the Premier League. That is why his team was not expected to only shoot three times, something that had not happened to him in the 535 games he has coached in his entire career in the five major leagues.

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