The Transformation of Lisa: A Journey of Triumph and Resilience in the 2023 Archery Season


Interview de Lisa :

Your 2023 season was divided into two parts, there was a before and after June, a sort of click…

It’s a two-part season. There was the start of the season which was a bit complicated, I couldn’t put things in place, I was eliminated in the first round of competitions even if as a team it was better because there were girls. At the European Games, in the individual event, it still didn’t work but we had good results as a team with this silver medal. On the training ground, Manu (Jean-Manuel Tizzoni) told me that I had to work harder. In my head, that was the trigger. I put it in 6th gear. Up until that point, I had a bit of trouble because I was afraid of moving my clicker forward, losing draw and losing the essence of my archery. Manu was very present, he reassured me a lot so that things went well, so very quickly I got back to performing. Arriving in Paris, I had all the cards in hand. I told myself that this was my moment, that this was the test-event and that I had to climb on the box. Already during qualifying, I did a series at 344 (out of 360). This had never happened to me in the World Cup, knowing that I had performed well in training but never again. The French record was really not far away. I was first in the first series which had never happened to me either. Afterwards, the matches continued. I would also say that the mixed events had a lot of impact in my competition. I was ready but I was so stressed that I couldn’t put things in place with Jean-Charles. I told myself that this was not necessarily the right way to do things and that I had to do it my way.

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