The Top-Earning Coaches in the US: Who’s Making the Big Bucks?

The sports finance portal, Sportico, presented the very interesting list in the sport of USA: Which coaches are the best paid? Among the four top leagues in the American Union. Although the count is led by a character who does not surprise anyone, the news comes at the worst moment in his career as a coach. Is about Bill Belichickhead coach futuro Hall of Famewith the New England Patriots.

In fact, Belichick He topped this list for the third consecutive year and for his work, he earns a juicy salary of $25 million dollars per season, even in years like this, perhaps the worst he has had in more than two decades as head coach of the NFL.

Behind him, there is a surprise and also a disappointment, since it is about Sean Paytonof the Denver Broncoswith a salary of 18 million a year in his first season in Denver and where he has had problems, especially at the beginning of the season, although he has a ring of Super Bowl.

The third highest paid coach in the United States is in the NBA and it is Gregg Popovich, who trains the San Antonio Spurs since 1996 and since then created a dynasty that won five titles. Although he has been without championships for almost a decade, his salary currently remains at 16 million dollars per year.

Other coaches that appear on the list, mainly from the NFL, although they have not won titles, are: Kyle Shanahan of the San Francisco 49ers (14 million dollars a year), Monty Williams de los Detroit Pistons (13.1 million) and Sean McDermott of the Buffalo Bills (11 million). Even the champion coach of the NBA, Michael Malone of the Denver Nuggetsalthough his salary is considerably less than that of other colleagues and is almost a third of what Belichick earns, with just $9.8 million per year.

The NFL It stands out as the highest paid league in the United States and this also applies in the case of its coaches, since 10 of them work there. Curiously, the NBA As a professional league, it also has some representatives, but there are only three.

On the other hand, the NCAA, which is a non-professional league, is the second with the highest paid coaches, with six cases, where it stands out Nick Saban of the University of Alabamaconsidered the main seedbed for the NFL, so its coach pockets $11.75 million this year, to remain in 10th place on the list.

Finally, the most curious case is also in the collegiate ranks, but in basketball. Is about Bill Self, coach of the NCAAB Kansas Jayhawks and ranks 16th with a salary of $13 million, earning more than the NBA champion coach.

Who are the coaches that earn the most in the US?

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