The Rise and Fall of Robert Bobroczky: The Tallest Basketball Player’s Journey

A few years ago the name of Robert Bobroczky, a basketball player who surprised because of his great height and because everyone thought they could reach the NBA, but there was an impediment, his 2.31 meters tall.

The native of Romania inherited this height thanks to his father, since this It measured 2.17 meterswhile his mother only 1.90 m, who was good at handball; His height helped him attract the attention of the basketball world, especially in Europe, since he was the tallest on this continent.

For a long time, parents Bobroczky They performed several medical studies to find out if the issue of his height was not a hormonal problem or an overgrowth syndrome; However, the results showed that he had healthy genetics, as it was something that he had inherited.

We did all kinds of tests over the years to make sure everything was okay. We did them everywhere, every year, even in Rome, Seville, Washington, Vitoria, Budapest. Everything was fine“said Robert’s father in an email responded to The New York Times.

However, At a young age he developed scoliosis, which causes lower back problems and hip displacement.

a strict diet

A few years ago, Robert revealed to The New York Times that had a strict diet so that he could reach the right weight (195 pounds) to play professionally, which is why his diet consisted of consume 4,500 calories a day.

And he had to eat too much to gain muscle mass, because to become a professional it was necessary; This was even the reason why he had to leave Europe to be part of the Spire Institute, in a region of Ohio, which was near the Cleveland Clinic, where they had brought him a nutritionist for Bobroczky.

According to the agency Associated Press This was the diet I was on at the time.

08:00 – Breakfast. 300 grams of pasta. Eight slices of toast with bacon and an egg

09:30 – Food reinforcement. Energy bar or isotonic drink

10:00-12:00 – Physiotherapy. We stretch and coordinate and posture exercises

12:00 – Food reinforcement. Energy bar or isotonic drink

13:00 – Lunch. 400 grams of pasta, meat or fish and vegetables

14:00 – Rest

14:30 – Food reinforcement. Sweets

15:00-17:00 – Gym. Muscle strengthening

17:30 – Snack: Sweets

18:00 – Rest

20:00 – Dinner. 300 grams of pasta, meat or fish, vegetables and dessert

21:30 – Rest

At that time, Robert ate at a special table for him, although it was complicated, the same situation that happened to the sleepWell, their legs came out of bed, so he used two suitcases to hold them.

He also revealed to The New York Times that their T-shirts were size XXXXXL and its pants were custom made, so that they were tailored to you.

His father was also a basketball player.

In his hometown, Arad, Romania, Bobroczkyi was already known thanks to his father, who played professional basketball (Elba Timisoara and West Petrom Arad), he was also part of his country’s team.

The young man who had surpassed his father’s height went to Italy to be part of the AS Stella Azzurra, where later by YouTube would be seen by Bob Bossman, basketball program director Spireso he had contact with Robert for Facebookinviting him and his parents to come see the facilities.

In 2016 They made the trip to see the campus, which they surely liked, because Robert ended up packing his bags for later settle in Spire.

Nothing was easy for Bobroczky because the program that was designed for him at Spire was different and a challenge for this institution, but everything was too complicated in the end.

His height, Bobroczky’s worst ‘enemy’

Although he was an excellent player shooting three-pointers and defending his rim, His height became his ‘worst enemy’ coupled with his weight, his lack of agility, which prevented him from achieving his dream of reaching the NBA.

Besides, his scoliosis They caused him to start having back problems, for which he had to undergo surgery.

In 2020 arrived at the University of Rochester, where it was interrupted by the pandemic, which is why he returned to his country; However, he moved away from the courts a little Rob Bobroczky has a podcast with his classmates from this school, in which they talk about the university life of cryptocurrencies, he also talks about What is the life of a person 2.31 meters tall?

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