The Rise and Fall of Papu Gómez: From World Champion to Suspension

A lot of things can happen in a year and a clear example of this is the Papu Gómez. The 35-year-old midfielder went from being world champion with the Argentine national team in Qatar 2022 to not be called up again by Lionel Scaloni and to have tested positive in an anti-doping test.

After the crowning of the albiceleste team, Papu distanced himself from his teammates and there were countless rumors about an alleged fight in the middle of the World Cup. In any case, and further fueling the theories, the former Sevilla player was not called by Scaloni again and this deprived him of enjoying the unforgettable moments that the world champions experienced with the fans, every time they played on Argentine soil.

To top, Gómez He tested positive for an anti-doping test and is undergoing a suspension that will keep him off the field for two years. According to his version, he took a cough syrup for his children that contained Terbutaline (a prohibited substance) and did not inform the Sevilla doctors, the team for which he played until September of this year before being released and finally arriving at Monza. Given this, he expressed some time ago: “I don’t want to retire this way, I don’t want my career to end like this, I don’t think I deserve it. What I want most is to return to the fields, train with my teammates and play with Monza.”

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Gonzalo Bergessio, Papu’s former teammate in San Lorenzo and Catania, told how he is going through the situation he is experiencing. “I speak often with Papu, he is in his situation, the exposure he had has decreased,” he expressed in dialogue with D Sports Radio.

Gonzalo Bergessio and Papu Gómez, during their time in San Lorenzo. (Photo: archive)

Then, he delved into the non-calls of the midfielder to the Argentine national team and he lamented: “What happened to him was something sad, he was a world champion, just like everyone else. For me it’s bad, I don’t know what happened between them, but it makes you angry because he also won the Cup and deserved to be celebrating that beautiful achievement. With the age he is, it will never happen to him again in his life.”

Meanwhile, the Papu Gómez He is training on his own with a physical trainer, since he cannot do so with Monza. As he stated, his intention would not be to retire, but he will have to face a long time without having competitive activity. Furthermore, his return would occur at the age of 37. Will he return to play or will he make the decision to retire?

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