The NBA’s Unbelievable Comeback: Dallas Mavericks vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

In the NBA no result is final until there is no more time left to play. This axiom that seems taken from a book of clichés could not be more real, at least after what happened in the match between the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder on the night of Saturday, December 2. Going into the fourth quarter OKC had the victory in their pocket. With a advantage of +23 As soon as it was played, they would add a comfortable victory and remove their starters from the field in a few minutes. However, Luka Doncic had other plans.

And partial from 30 to 0 by the Mavs while the OKC Thunder failed to score a single basket in practically the entire fourth quarter they were close to becoming one of the greatest comebacks in history of the league. between the minute 11:09 and 4:04 Dallas completely dominated the matchputting a lock on the rival rim while the difference was reduced little by little to the despair of Daigneault.

The balance could be summarized as follows. Oklahoma City was absolutely unable to score a single basket, neither in play nor by forcing a foul to get free throws. The reason was behind Dallas’ magnificent defense that left them in a 0 of 8 on field goals, leading them to sign 5 losses in their period without scoring. On the contrary, the Mavs enjoyed a total explosion, achieving a 12 of 16 from the basket (75%), including 6 of 9 from three (66.6%).

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The men of Jason Kidd Not only did they have an impeccable 30-0 run, but at times they were ahead on the scoreboard. In the absence of 4:30 to go, the Mavs took the lead, but the offensive explosion came as quickly as it faded. In it clutchOKC was entrusted to a Jalen Williams who avoided disaster with 6 points without failure to defeat Dallaswhich was shipwrecked on the shore.

If the Mavericks had achieved something practically unheard of in history during a period of 7 minutes, at the closing the magic ran out. A single field goal from 10 attempts is the summary of how the team collapsed just when they had everything in their sights. Whether due to nerves, fatigue or pure luck, the Texans ended up losing the match at the hands of Oklahoma City Thunder after doing the most difficult thing (126-120).

A meeting that It will go down in history as the longest set without allowing the opponent to score since all the plays were recorded. (1996-1997) in the NBA. In this way, the Mavs surpassed the previous record established by LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers on December 6, 2009 against the Milwaukee Bucks, who went 29-0. The difference is that the Cavs ended up winning that duel.

The bitter result for Dallas is even more so if you take a look at the performance of Luka Doncic. Just a few days after the birth of his daughter, the Slovenian reappeared at the best possible level. With 36 points, 15 rebounds and 18 assists, The former Real Madrid player became the second player in history in achieving similar numbers, joining Oscar Robertson, who did it in 1961 and 1962.

A real roller coaster of emotions for the Dallas Mavericks who, after starting with a record of 8-2, have achieved only 3 victories since November 14. Right now Jason Kidd’s men are still in the Playoff positions, but the league is putting them where they deserve, as well as the OKC Thunder (13-6), who look in third place.

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