The national team has a hotel, the association sorts ticket requests, Neumann sees no reason to resign

FAČR representatives are satisfied with the selection. “After the tour, we verified that the hotel is slightly outside the main zone, there is peace and a golf resort. It’s about ten minutes to the training facilities. The team can fully concentrate on preparation. Personally, I like the facility very much and I believe that it will be appreciated by the players and the new implementation team,” informed the general secretary of the football association, Michal Valtr. The Czech national team will train at the stadium of Eintracht Norderstedt, which plays in the fourth highest German competition and its main stand can accommodate 1,300 spectators.

The association is now also sorting ticket applications for the Czech group games against Portugal in Leipzig (June 18) and against the winner of play-off group C (June 22) and Turkey (June 26) in Hamburg. Registration ended on Wednesday evening, the interest was higher than the ten thousand quota for each match. FAČR now selects applications, deletes multiple attempts from the same email, and also reveals those who tried to log in under multiple email addresses.

“The database is currently being cleaned, there is a lot of ballast. We have electronic parameters that enable certain checks that can identify repeated requests (also from other emails – author’s note). Subsequently, further steps will take place,” mentioned Valtr, who explained why the Czech association chose its own system for distributing tickets and did not direct interested parties directly to UEFA, where more personal data is then required for registration.

“The whole process is managed by UEFA, tickets are sold by UEFA. We only mediate in order to get tickets that are intended for Czech fans, as close as possible to them. There are associations that have left it to UEFA, and the whole world reports to them there. That’s why we put it in the Czech language, it’s primarily for Czech fans. The winners then buy tickets from UEFA, which has its own tools to check applicants,” said Valtr.

As there are more applicants than tickets, a lottery will then take place with the participation of a notary.

On Thursday, its member Tomáš Neumann, who was in an Olomouc bar the night before the match with Moldova, was also supposed to comment on his future at the executive committee and met representatives Vladimír Coufal, Jakub Brabec and Jan Kuchta there. According to his words, he happened to be there with his daughter and appealed to the players to leave, although some of the photos did not quite match it.

Neumann took his time deciding how to handle the situation. He was due to comment on Thursday. “Nothing concrete was heard. We have to respect that he is an elected official. He can either give up the position himself, or the general meeting would have to remove him from his mandate,” explained the chairman of the association, Petr Fousek.

Neumann should have ended up in the executive committee. Contribution from the program PřímákVideo:

“We asked how he decided. He did not elaborate and we can hardly speak for him. He said he saw no reason to resign. It is necessary to say that we also perceive the negative response from the movement, that something like this happened and that a member of the executive committee was there,” added vice-chairman Jiří Šidliák.

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