The Little Samurai Trophy: Teaching Young Athletes Values Through Judo

Segrate. The “Little Samurai Trophy” of Judo is not a competition but a series of informal training meetings (randori day), which involve all the athletes of the participating associations, including the CASC Concorezzo, who in the last edition held on November 25th, attended with 9 children from their school. The main objective of the event is to teach young people the rules of behavior during sporting events and the respective regulations.


The trophy consists of a standing wrestling test (shiai) for the boys and children classes and a ground wrestling test (ne-waza) for the children and chicks class. The division by sex occurs only in the boys and children class.

The organizational regulations provide for seven tests which will take place in the months of November, December, January, February, March, April and May. Each test represents a moral value that every young athlete must internalize to become a “little samurai”:

Gi = integrity
Rei = respect
Yu = courage
Of course = honor
Makoto = compassion and friendship
Jin = honesty
Chu = loyalty

At each race, all participants receive a medal depicting the name/color of the test taken.

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