The Italians stand up to the Kiwis on the second day of the Sailing America’s Cup in Jeddah

Emirates Team New Zealand has found a unexpected rival this Friday in the waters of Jeddah. He Luna Rossa Prada Pirelliwhich on the first day also showed that it had reached the preliminary regatta from Sailing America’s Cup to fight for victory, has been the team (along with the Swiss) that has made the team suffer the most. kiwis. One of the three races of the day has been taken away from them.

The first exit It has been perfect, beautiful. The six teams well aligned, crossing the line at the precise moment in which the counter has reset to zero. And they have launched like an exhalation at speeds of more than 40 knots. Los Italians They wanted to show that the victory in the third race on the first day was not an accident.

The Alinghi Red Bull Racing sailboat fights for a good position on the second day of the Jeddah Sailing America’s Cup preliminary regatta. America’s Cup Events

Americans wake up

Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli He has remained at the front of the race, standing up to the undeniable Kiwis but also to the Americans, who from the first moment have wanted to make up for Thursday’s fatal performance. However, the distance between the top three and the second three (Swiss, British and French) has remained very short for almost the entire heat.

The efforts of American Magic y Emirates Team New Zealand They have fallen on deaf ears because the Italians have imposed their rhythm. Both have had to settle for a fight between themselves every time they maneuver the doors to turn. The AC40 guided by Ruggero Tita and the very young Marco Gradoni He crossed the finish line in 19 minutes and 12 seconds, the fastest race so far.

Already on land, Steps He has assured that they do not feel any pressure for the result and that they are going to go “race by race.” “Today there was a lot of wind and we had to be very concentrated but we are very happy with the result,” he assured without euphoria.

Penalties in the second

When starting up, the same has not happened with the second sleeve. Several penalties for getting too close to the other flying sailboats or also for leaving early have spoiled the moment. However, the battle has been repeated between the defending champion and again the Italians.

Kiwis and Italians They have lost sight of the Americans, who have lost the strength of the beginning of the day. The new guests for third place have been the Swiss Alinghi Red Bull Racing, with a serious and error-free navigation. Lastly, the French and British have starred in some risky maneuver: all the monotypes have sailed to the limit, as if it were not a simple preliminary but rather they will play much more.

Four seconds away

The dance in the water between Luna Rossa and Emirates Team New Zealand It has been incredible. Finally the Kiwis have been left with the second sleeve by only four seconds difference. With this result, the tie at 17 points on the second day has provided the best possible scenario for the third round.

But the latest conflict in the Red Sea has still brought more excitement. The Italians failed to get out and had to settle for a fourth place finishbut the most intense fight has been fought between the Kiwis (once again) and the Swiss. Alinghi Red Bull Racingwhich until now had played a secondary role, have challenged the all-powerful owners of the America Cupbeating them in some laps.

On Saturday, the final

American Magic He got involved and did the best of his three races. He finished in second place, in a race full of risky maneuvers, with crews pushing hard to gain seconds of advantage over their rivals. But, once again, the Emirates Team New Zealand has crossed first and has won the second consecutive victory that, if he does not make a huge mistake Saturdaygives the pass to the final on the back of Jeddah.

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