The Dismissal of Glen De Boeck from KV Kortrijk: A Haunting Experience

A dismissal that will haunt Glen De Boeck for a long time. The former trainer of KV Kortrijk was thrown out in West Flanders earlier this week. De Boeck said he was not given a reason for his C4, which greatly disappoints him. “I’m just being ridiculed,” he now says about the entire soap opera that has been widely reported in the media.

“Am I okay? Gee, that’s a good question.”

Glen De Boeck is not yet completely back to normal a few days after his dismissal from KV Kortrijk. “It always hurts,” he says in Are There Any Questions on Radio 1. “Especially when it is not about sporting matters.

The former T1 of the West Flemish team has had to endure a media storm in recent weeks. Jokes about his jackets, criticism of a lack of self-reflection and even rumors about soup were all discussed.

“I am being ridiculed,” says De Boeck.

“I read yesterday that I was making a fuss about leek soup. I can assure you: if anyone wouldn’t make a fuss about that, it would be me. People started making up things that weren’t right.”

He does not lack self-reflection, says De Boeck. “It’s more important that you don’t make fun of people. You do what you want, don’t you? I felt like a little child at school with glasses that were called a “glass case”.”

“People didn’t judge me for what I did, but for what I wore. That’s about respect, a basic value in life.”

400% better with Kortrijk

A broken feeling. That is what Glen De Boeck is left with after his passage at Kortrijk. Especially because of the way he was fired.

“Two people from management were waiting for me at the club. They gave me the dry message of my dismissal. There were no real arguments.”

That caused a lot of disappointment: “From one moment to the next I was torn away from my players and staff, who I saw as friends. That is quite difficult.”

“Those policy people do not understand that I am a human being of flesh and blood. I received many messages from players who did not understand it. As well as a lot of support from the football world – even from the largest clubs in Belgium – who say it is a shame.”

You cannot expect a trainer to straighten everything out in two months.

Glen De Boeck

The trainer does not want to talk about too bad results with KVK.

“Come on? I took over Kortrijk when they took 2 out of 24 and under me they got 8 out of 24. That means: 400% better. You cannot expect a trainer to straighten everything out in two months,” says De Boeck.

“I always compare it to buying a puppy. You can train it from an early age, while a dog from the shelter first has to unlearn things. This is also the case when you get in the middle of a season.”

“People apparently have no patience for that. 8 out of 24 with a team in that state is not a bad performance in my opinion.”

Although De Boeck also realizes that he is fighting a losing battle. “I can’t change anything anymore, so I just have to recover. I always gave 200% and was in my car at 6.30 am and home at 8 pm.”

“I have plundered my body and my health.” So now he wants to focus on “fun” holidays with his family and children.

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