The Debate Over Rafael Nadal’s Comeback: Can He Win Another Grand Slam?

As Rafael Nadal prepares to make his comeback on the courts during the 2024 season, opinions are divided regarding his ability to win a Grand Slam tournament again.

Speaking for the site Tennis Infinitythe former coach of the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova, Rick Macci, considered that this hypothesis was not realistic.

“As for the return of Rafael Nadal, as you get older you lose a little mobility and the players are not afraid when they know you are vulnerable. There’s not much difference between the guys at the top and the guys at the bottom level, and when they know they have a chance, it’s a whole different thing, even on clay. While before against Rafa, who has a 112–3 record at Roland Garros. The match was over before it even started. You knew you probably weren’t going to beat this guy. That being said, I wish Rafa all the best, but he’s not exactly at the same level as before, so I don’t think he’s a contender to win a Grand Slam. »

2023-11-30 13:14:00
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