The Clippers Find Their Stride: A New Team Emerges Despite a Shaky Start

The doubts seem to dissipate in the Clippers. Despite of bad start to the Harden era In Los Angeles, the team seems to have found the right path. With a record of 7-3 in the last 10(10-10, 9th in the West) and victories of merit against teams like Warriors o Nuggetswe can say that Lue’s are already here.

in a template full of big stars of the last decade, the choral effort is the protagonist. Everyone is dedicated, they row towards a common direction and the individualities and egos They do not exceed any limit. And it was complicated with the names of some players on the roster. They look like a new teamtotally different from the beginning of the season.

The decision of move Westbrook to second unit It was a total success. Harden fulfills the function of generator (20 points, 10 assists), in which he feels most comfortable, and takes advantage of the game without the ball of a Paul George in a state of grace (25 points last night) and a Kawhi that leaves glimpses of the great star that he has always been.

Toothworker in painting and Mannwho is a great defender and can contribute in attack, complete a quintet that scares the NBA. From the bench, ‘Russ’ directs the game to perfection (8 assists last night) and Norman Powell He stands as the main scoring focus, his great specialty.

Nikola Jokic tries to score against Kawhi Leonard

Solid against the champions

In case it was even more necessary to see that change, the Clippers They beat the champions (111-102) in a last quarter ecstasy. A partial of 20-32 It turned the score around and gave the visitors no option. This choral effort was key to containing a sensational Jokicwhich went until 22 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists.

Beyond the Serbian, good minutes of Murray (23 points), and Michael Porter Jr (18) who seems more mature in his game. The drama of the second unit was fixed by Reggie Jackson with 14 points from the bench that were insufficient.

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