Tennis Star Boris Becker Makes Heartwarming Christmas Visit Home to Leimen

He will forever remain a global star for his hometown of Leimen. For mom Elvira (88), tennis hero Boris Becker (55) is a wonderful Christmas present before the holidays this year.

You little Beckers are coming!

They are images that, for a few moments, make you forget all the anger and stress of the last few years. Boris brought home his eldest sons Noah (29, lives in Berlin) and Elias (24, lives in Florida, among other places).

A picture that simply makes a grandma happy: Elvira Becker with her grandchildren Noah (l.) and Elias

Photo: e.current/Instagram

“LEIMEN Home for Christmas!” The Beckers spend contemplative family days here with their grandma. Apparently also filled with Elvira’s famous peppers with rice – one of the tennis hero’s favorite foods.

A family friend told BILD: “For a lady who is almost 90, there is only one thing that is nicer than having her own children around her. It’s the moment when the grandchildren are sitting on the couch at Christmas time. Elvira has cookies and sweets in the house for this. Like in old times.”

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As BILD learned from those around her, Elvira is said to have prepared for the family visit for five days; she went to the hairdresser beforehand.

It seems so much more relaxed than last year.

2022, Becker’s horror time: Only shortly before the festival and after his release from British prison (for insolvency offenses) does the eternal Wimbledon champ stop by the stressed mother. Elvira sheds tears of joy and is annoyed that she didn’t make it to the hairdresser before his visit.

This is where Boris Becker’s rise to global stardom began: The Wimbledon hero learned the sport at the Blau-Weiß Leimen tennis facility. Becker visited the club with his mother Elvira

Photo: e.current/Instagram

And 2023? The pictures tell of the happiness that has been found again. A beaming Boris rushes off with his sons on a trip to Heidelberg (a good 15 minutes by car), where he used to look for Christmas presents in the shops.

Boris and his sons drove from Leimen to neighboring Heidelberg

Foto: borisbeckerofficial/Instagram

Becker writes on Instagram: “It’s so important to go back to your roots sometimes.”

The boys, who are now men, play tennis in the legendary Becker club “Blau-Weiß Leimen”. The ex-professional proudly films how the two hit the balls in his footsteps. The sons of Boris and Barbara Becker (57) also make it to the gym together and film themselves with their upper bodies bare.

After cake with grandma we went to the gym: Noah (left) and Elias training

Foto: borisbeckerofficial/Instagram

And there is another reason to be happy: Boris’ big sister Sabine (59) also came. Her children Vincent (25) and Carla (23) love their famous uncle. He was always there for her, even after her father’s death a good ten years ago.

The Becker family: They are HAPPY and TIGHT in each other’s arms.

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