Tarje Bö gets sprint in Hochfilzen

Tarjei Bö won the sprint at the Biathlon World Cup in Hochfilzen on Friday. The Norwegian won ahead of his compatriot Sturla Holm Laegreid, who also made no mistakes. With third place (one mistake), the Swede Sebastian Samuelsson took the lead in the overall World Cup.

The best Austrian was David Komatz in 19th place, he remained as faultless as Felix Leitner (29th). Patrick Jakob recorded five misses and failed to qualify for Saturday’s pursuit.

“A zero is not that easy”

“I am satisfied with the shooting performance. A zero is not that easy. That was the basis for an appealing result,” said Komatz in the ORF interview. “The spectators cheered us on. It’s always fun to run at home. I’ve had problems with my back for some time now, I have to find out whether I can compete tomorrow or whether I’ll rest for the relay.”

Leitner also didn’t feel completely fit: “It felt physically laborious on the cross-country ski trail, it was a tough race. I had to fight, especially on the third lap. That’s why I’m glad that at least there was a zero when shooting and that I got a good position. This means I can attack again tomorrow.”

Eder and Oberhauser have to pass

Simon Eder had to cancel his start at short notice due to a sore throat, which means he won’t be taking part in the pursuit. According to ÖSV information, there is still hope that he will compete in the relay on Sunday.

Since Carinthia’s Magnus Oberhauser has to miss the home competition due to a coronavirus infection, a replacement from the IBU Cup team will be nominated for Sunday.

Men’s Sprint (10 km): 1. Tarjei Bö NOR 24:37.5 0 2. Sturla Holm Laegreid NOR + 4.9 0 3. Sebastian Samuelsson SWE 10.0 1 4. Martin Ponsiluoma SWE 18.4 1 5. Johannes Dale-Skejvdal NOR 19.2 2 6. Vetle Sjaastad Christiansen NOR 26.5 1 7. Benedikt Doll GER 31.1 1 8. Tommaso Giacomel ITA 33.1 0 9. Johannes Kühn GER 40.1 1 10. Eric Perrot FROM 43.9 1 19.

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